About McDonough's Market & Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli

McDonough's Market, Dalwhinnie's and McDonough family
Al Kessel Outstanding Achievement award
Michigan Grocers Association Award

McDonough's Market has a history of being a part of and serving the Beaver Island community since 1933.

We look forward to serving the needs of our community into the future.

McDonough's Market and Dalwhinnie's Are Proud Sponsors of:

Beaver Island Bike Fest * Beaver Island Music Fest * Baroque on Beaver
Beaver Island 1/2 Marathon, 10k, 5k 8 * Beaver Island Boodle

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History of the McDonough Store

November 1, 1849- Sold to James J. Strang by the United States Government

May 9, 1901- Purchased by Wilbur F. Gill for one hundred ($100.00) dollars.

1902- Store building built by Gill

May 16, 1903- Purchased by Beaver Island Lumber Company

McDonough Market Historical Photo

McDonough Market Beaver Island HistoryMay 15, 1915- Sold by Beaver Island Lumber Company to John Grill for eight hundred ($800.00) dollars.

May 6, 1933- Sold by John Grill to Lloyd and Eva McDonough for $3,542.46, which included property and inventory.

Old picture of McDonough's MarketMay 6, 1933- The first day of business Total income $21.80

May 10, 1972- Lloyd McDonough to Bud and Skip McDonough

The store was built by Gill and used by the Beaver Island Lumber Company as a company store. The room on the front right-hand side was used as an office for the company. In later years it was used as a beauty shop, sandwich shop and ice cream stand.

Pictures of McDonough's past

In the spring of 1955 we changed the store into a self-service except for the meat counter. It is the same today.

In the spring of 1957 we cut out a wall and made the front right room part of the store

May 1973- We added a new room on the east side which is 24 x 36 feet

January 1978- Old shelving torn out. Crew from Spartan Store Development and Non-foods came and set up shelving.

Bud was in the store since September, 1953 and Skip since November, 1954.

1985- New Store grand opening - Dalwhinnie grand opening - Major addition completed to increase selection dramatically