McDonough's Market Beaver Island

Since 1933
On America's Emerald Isle

Section 23 Town 39 North Range 10 West Lots 4 and 5

November 1, 1849   Sold to James J. Strang by the United States Government
May 9, 1901   Purchased by Wilbur F. Gill for one hundred ($100.00) dollars.
1902   Store building built by Gill
May 16, 1903   Purchased by Beaver Island Lumber Company
May 15, 1915   Sold by Beaver Island Lumber Company to John Grill for eight hundred ($800.00) dollars.
May 6, 1933   Sold by John Grill to Lloyd and Eva McDonough for $3,542.46, which included property and inventory.
May 6, 1933   The first day of business Total income $21.80
May 10, 1972  

Lloyd McDonough to Bud and Skip McDonough

The store was built by Gill and used by the Beaver Island Lumber Company as a company store. The room on the front right-hand side was used as an office for the company. In later years it was used as a beauty shop, sandwich shop and ice cream stand.

In the spring of 1955 we changed the store into a self-service except for the meat counter. It is the same today.

In the spring of 1957 we cut out a wall and made the front right room part of the store.

May 1973   We added a new room on the east side which is 24 x 36 feet.
January 1978  

Old shelving torn out. Crew from Spartan Store Development and Non-foods came and set up shelving.

Bud has been in the store since September, 1953 and Skip since November, 1954. We and our kids hope lo be around a long time.

1985   New Store grand opening
    Dalwhinnie grand opening
    Major addition completed to increase selection dramatically