McDonough's Market, Beaver Island Michigan

The Fisherman's House   Beaver Island Michigan

The house is located across the street from St. James Harbor on the harbor road. It is a fully restored turn of the century home. Four bedrooms, three rooms with double beds and one room with twin beds, two bathrooms, bed linens and bath towels provided, fully equipped modern kitchen, washer/dryer, TV, enclosed porch, and open deck with grill. Reduced off-season rates. For rentals, please call Bill or Tammy at (231) 448-2733 or (231) 448-2499 or email

May 1 – Mid June  $800 per week
Mid June – End of August $1400 per week
September and October $800 per week
Weekly and Weekend rates available May 1 – Mid June and September 1 – October 31


About this house: We bought this house from Jon & Sally Fogg, owners of Deerwood Lodge. Jon & Sally bought it from the Sendenberg family. Joe "Mafro" Sendenberg and his wife Bid lived here when I was growing up. I have many memories of Joe's horse Molly - feeding her sugar cubes and other treats. Joe also had chickens and pigs in the barn in the back yard. Bid worked in the old McDonough's Market for my grandfather Lloyd McDonough. She was a mid wife who took part in many of the baby deliveries prior to the arrival of a health center. Joe Mafro was a character and legend in his own right. He was a tough man. He lived in some of the more economically depressed times on Beaver Island.

Joe did come to McDonough's Market every day for 2 jumbos of beer. When he failed to show up, one of us was dispatched by our father to the house to see that Joe was alright. He always was. On the rare occasion, the store was closed for a whole day - which was hardly ever - we would take Joe over 2 jumbos. I have a lot of funny memories about Joe Mafro and many fond memories of my childhood and this house.


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Member of the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce

Member of the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce